Kodak Portra ISO160 120

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A medium format film that can deliver exceptional sharpness, fine grains and great skin tones in your every shot.

  • Exceptional image quality output – Kodak Portra can give out the best in your shots with brilliant saturation, contrast and fine grain in every colour of your image.
    Sharpness in every shot – a high degree of sharpness is an additional advantage for this film.
    Striking skin tones – portrait shots are at best with the Kodak Portra Film with its great effects in delivering skin tones in your images.
    Flexible in Different Light moods – this film is very reliable and can deliver great images in various light conditions.
    Medium Format Output – This film is a great choice in taking photos of portraits or landscapes in large prints.
Brand Kodak
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 160
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1