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Diana F+ Glow In The Dark Keychain

Have you heard? The Diana F+ Glow In The Dark has been turned into a miniature keychain that effortlessly adds a touch of analogue to your style.

Need anything else?

The Diana F+ Glow In The Dark has been turned into miniature keychain! Add a nice touch to your style by using it as a mobile phone and camera charm, or as a cute add-on to your outfit.

  • Lomography in Miniature - This keychain is a faithful reproduction of your beloved Diana F+ Glow In The Dark camera at 20% the original size.
  • Accessorize - Thanks to its super small size, this keychain repurposes like a charm. Let it dangle from your phone, camera or purse as a cool accessory.
  • Cool Canister - Each Lomogaphy Keychain comes in a collectible tin canister designed to match the miniature inside.
  • Collect Them All - The Lomography Keychain Collection includes your other favorite analogue cameras too. Get your hands on all of them and complete the collection.
Color yellow
Sex N/A
Material plastic
Size xs