Colorsplash Chakras Book

Feast your eyes on this color-filled photography book highlighting the wonders of the colorsplash camera.

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Years of research, thousands of film rolls, and millions of tiny shutter clacks laid the groundwork for this powerful book. Over 2000 images - sorted by colors & Colorsplash Chakra themes were selected and published from an ultra-talented pool of 107 Lomographers from across the globe. Eleven commissioned professional photographers complemented this massive community effort with their own galleries -shot expressly for this book. This elite group consisted of professional photographers, seasoned Lomographers, and hard-core creative types from around the world, including Yasumasa Yonehara, Kareem Black, Boogie, Adam Scott, Nicky Digital, Atsuko Tanaka, and many others.

  • - Staple design

    - 384 page hardcover

    - 2000 images by 107 Lomographers
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Cover hard cover
Author Lomography