Russian Cameras

Fancy the rarest, most sought-after Russian cameras? Lomography has gathered together the finest selection of Soviet analogue artifacts. Grab one of these precision-built, cult cameras before they vanish forever!

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  • Smena 35

    Smena 35

    Snap sharp 35mm snapshots with the snazzy coated Triplet Smena 35 lens.

  • Lomo LC-A Refurbished

    Lomo LC-A Refurbished

    Get your hands on an original LC-A which has been refurbished for your shooting convennience.

  • Lomo Lubitel Amateur Refurbished

    Lomo Lubitel Amateur Refurbished

    Keep a piece of analogue history with this refurbished super sharp 120mm twin-lens camera.


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  • Zenit KM SLR

    Zenit KM SLR

    Become a semi-professional photographer with this 35mm SLR camera.


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  • Lubitel 166 U

    Lubitel 166 U

    Have total creative control in your hands with this fully manual twin-lens reflex camera.


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  • Zenit 122K SLR

    Zenit 122K SLR

    Get creative and have total control over your shots with the fully manual Zenit 122K SLR.


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  • Lomo Smena Symbol

    Lomo Smena Symbol

    Paint your palate multicolor with this rare Russian find, thanks to a 3-element glass lens, it promises rich color saturation and contrast!


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  • Lomo Smena 8M

    Lomo Smena 8M

    Achieve exceptionally sharp images and deep colors with the irresistable Russian Lomo Smena 8M.


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  • BeLomo Vilia

    BeLomo Vilia

    The BeLomo Vilia 35mm camera prides itself for having an excellent lens. Brilliant, vivid colors guaranteed!


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  • Lomo 135BC Camera Refurbished

    Lomo 135BC Camera Refurbished

    Get a real Russian feeling with the Lomo 135BC Refurbished and fall in love with colors and sharpness once again!

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  • Lubitel 2

    Lubitel 2

    Get knockout colors and details with this authentic Russian twin-lens reflex camera.


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  • Zenit 412LS SLR

    Zenit 412LS SLR

    Start your SLR shooting with this user-friendly begginer camera.


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  • Kiev 4M Refurbished

    Kiev 4M Refurbished

    Take the legendary Kiev 4M for a spin and capture dead-sharp images.


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  • Lubitel 166 B

    Lubitel 166 B

    Get your hands on this classic TLR which promises stunning sharp medium-format snaps.


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  • Zenit 11 Refurbished

    Zenit 11 Refurbished

    Get the sharpest photos and eye-popping details with this authentic Russian SLR refurbished Zenit 11 .


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