Zenit KM SLR

Become a semi-professional photographer with this 35mm SLR camera.

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The Zenit KM SLR is the semi-professional crowd pleaser! First off, it shoots with Aperture Priority, so you just set the aperture and focus. Plus, the Zenit KM chooses the right shutter speed: from 1/2000 to 1 second. Or you can get your hands dirty with full manual settings including a “bulb" long exposure. Either way, film is advanced automatically after each shot and can fire up to a blazing 2 frames per second if you hold down the button. The motor drive finally rewinds the film when you're done. The Zenit KM uses Pentax-K mount lenses. DX coding automatically reads your film speed. This Russian jewel includes the brilliant Zenitar 50/2 lens and its unmistakable huge maximum aperture! The Zenit KM comes with a one year warranty.

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Cable Release Connection No
Aperture manual
Color black
Film Advance Automatic
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Reflex Finder
Focusing Distance No
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter Yes
View Finder Single-lens reflex viewfinder