Lomo LC-A Refurbished Bubblewrapped

Get your hands on an original LC-A which has been refurbished for your shooting convennience.

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The beloved Lomo LC-A has a new lease on life. Pulling from our stock of lightly used and returned cameras, a team of Russian Lomo engineers has checked and adjusted each refurbished LC-A to perfection. Grab an LC-A and you'll be carrying the magical camera which started the Lomography journey!

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  • (Translatable Attribute)
Cable Release Connection No
Aperture No
Color black
Film Advance Winder
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance 0.8m - Infinity
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter Yes
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder