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LomoKino Bundles

What better way to begin your analogue movie-making adventures than with a LomoKino Bundle? Include accessories and films with your purchase for a thrilling discount.

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  • The Ultimate Movie-Making Kit

    The Ultimate Movie-Making Kit

    Get this package for the complete analogue filmmaking experience.

    From: US$192.87

    To: US$205.12

  • Lomokino Bundle

    Lomokino Bundle

    Lomokino is now equipped with best-selling items that works best with your Lomokino cameras. This Lomokino Camera bundle offers ultimate experience in analogue lifestyle.

    From: US$88.19

    To: US$450.11

  • LomoKinoscope and LomoKino Smart Phone Holder Bundle

    LomoKinoscope and LomoKino Smart Phone Holder Bundle

    Save up to 70% when you get this bundle, available for a limited time only!

    As low as : US$15.00

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