Multilens Cameras

Fun, unpredictable and quick enough to shoot your every move! Lomography’s Multilens Cameras whir in sequence, capturing your action in one 35mm print! Take amazing sequential shots – whether it’s four, eight or even nine frames in one exposure.

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  • ActionSampler Flash

    ActionSampler Flash

    Snap four sequentially operated lenses for fun filled 35mm shots day or night with the ActionSampler flash.

    US$75.00 US$52.50
  • SuperSampler Dalek

    SuperSampler Dalek

    With the lightweight and fuss-free Supersampler, one ripcord pull is all it takes for fun 35mm prints sliced into 4 sequential panels!

    US$55.00 US$38.50
  • Oktomat


    Experiment with 8 sequential shots in one 35mm print with the Oktomat !

  • SuperSampler Blue

    SuperSampler Blue

    Pull the fuss-free ripcord on your Supersampler for fun 35mm prints sliced into 4 sequential panels!


    Out of stock

  • SuperSampler Rubberized Blue

    SuperSampler Rubberized Blue

    Have a blast shooting four sequential images with the pull of a ripcord with the SuperSampler!


    Out of stock

  • SuperSampler - Ye Eun (green)

    SuperSampler - Ye Eun (green)

    Just pull the ripcord and enter the wonderful world of the SuperSampler, now dressed in green.


    Out of stock

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