Lomo Smena Symbol

Paint your palate multicolor with this rare Russian find, thanks to a 3-element glass lens, it promises rich color saturation and contrast!

Need anything else?

One of the rarest, most attractive Smena cameras of all time. The Symbol's 3-element glass Triplet lens yields intense color saturation and contrast to make your eyes pop! A flash Hot-Shoe and weather-symbol exposure dial allow for total creativity.

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  • Superb glass lens: High contrast glass lens yields exceptionally sharp images and deep colors
  • Simple exposure guide: Small icons indicate five weather icons
  • Manual controls: Manually variable aperture and shutter speed
  • Colorsplash-friendly: Has a hotshoe that fits standard hotshoe flash including the Colorsplash Flash
Cable Release Connection No
Aperture No
Color black
Film Advance No
Flash connection No
Focusing No
Focusing Distance 1m - Infinity
Frame Counter No
Material steel
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder