Lomo LC-A Bundles

Create your own LC-A bundle, You can select the LC-A camera of your choice at a regular price. Then choose any accessory you can enjoy with LC-A camera at 20% off. Plus any film that fits your taste at 10%.

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  • LC-A+ Elite Kit

    LC-A+ Elite Kit

    The LC-A+ Elite Kit takes you one step closer to shots you've always dreamed of taking! Experiment with different accessories.

    As low as : US$443.62

  • LC-A+ Instant Kit

    LC-A+ Instant Kit

    Dans le LC-A+ Instant Kit, il y a l'appareil Lomo LC-A+, le LC-A+ Instant Back, avec tout ça vous pourrez vous émerveiller devant ces résultats instantanés !

    As low as : US$262.90

  • LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

    LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

    The LC-A+ Deluxe Kit takes you one step closer to the shots you've always dreamed of taking - pick your flash and accessory of choice!

    As low as : US$392.13

  • LC-A+ Starter Pack

    LC-A+ Starter Pack

    With the LC-A+ Starter Pack, Pair the LC-A+ with a 35mm; whatever combo you end up selecting, they're sure to be mindblowing and Save upto 30%!

    As low as : US$250.00

  • LC-A 120 Beginner Bundle

    LC-A 120 Beginner Bundle

    The Phoblographer Editor’s Choice Award Winner comes in a newbie friendly kit! Get the Lomo 120 films in this bundle at 15% off

    From: US$472.91

    To: US$579.42

  • LC-A Iblazr Bundle

    LC-A Iblazr Bundle

    Start capturing images even in low-light conditions with this bundle you can create your own combination of LC-A camera and Iblazr flash and save 20%!

    From: US$388.99

    To: US$444.99

  • LC-A 120 Film Bundle

    LC-A 120 Film Bundle

    The Phoblographer Editor’s Choice Award Winner now comes with a 120 format film at 15% off!

    From: US$440.82

    To: US$547.32

  • LC-A Bundle

    LC-A Bundle

    LC-A cameras are now equipped with best-selling items that works best with your LC-A camera choice. This LC-A Camera bundle can offer ultimate experience in analogue lifestyle.

    From: US$370.97

    To: US$949.06

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