La Sardina Camera and Flash DIY Edition

Write, draw, glue or paint on it! Let your creativity spill beyond your analogue photos and into your camera (literally). Create your own designs!

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  • Day Tripper White Bundle

    Day Tripper White Bundle

    Adorable doodle-inspired dress design is here to add another twist to your La Sardina camera!

  • City Summer White Bundle

    City Summer White Bundle

    Customize your White La Sardina camera with these colorful dresses that matches your tastes and personality!

  • Triangle Tryst White Bundle

    Triangle Tryst White Bundle

    Enjoy this super bundle added with multi-color dress designed with colorful lines and shapes to perk up your summer!

  • Orange Soda DIY Bundle

    Orange Soda DIY Bundle

    Brighten up your La Sardina Camera DIY Edition Black with the La Sardina Dress Orange Soda and make your analogue device standout in your every action!

  • Mod Squad DIY Bundle

    Mod Squad DIY Bundle

    Enjoy an elegant geometric design or have fun decorating your camera with this bundle.

  • Sand and Seafoam DIY Bundle

    Sand and Seafoam DIY Bundle

    Try the color-blocking trend on your La Sardina Camera DIY Edition Black with this vibrant bundle.

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