La Sardina Camera Bundles

Getting started with your first La Sardina camera journey, or completing it like a pro? Want to own every single camera of a particular edition to save you the agony of missing out on them? Fret no more, as these La Sardina Camera Bundles will give you the chance to complete the set at a hefty discount!

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  • Day Tripper White Bundle

    Day Tripper White Bundle

    Adorable doodle-inspired dress design is here to add another twist to your La Sardina camera!

  • City Summer White Bundle

    City Summer White Bundle

    Customize your White La Sardina camera with these colorful dresses that matches your tastes and personality!

  • La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle

    La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle

    Can’t decide which of the La Sardina Dresses to choose? The La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle lets you take home all four designs, along with other cool accessories!

    From: US$130.80

    To: US$185.80

  • La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle

    La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle

    Unleash your creative side with the La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle. Shoot 35mm wide-angle photos with your glammed-up La Sardina DIY and keep them all safe inside the Packrat Bag.

    From: US$153.21

    To: US$175.90

  • La Sardina Basic Dress Bundle

    La Sardina Basic Dress Bundle

    Spruce up the La Sardina DIY Edition with any of the vibrant La Sardina Dresses! This bundle also comes with a pack of Lomography 35mm of your choice.

    From: US$130.80

    To: US$140.80

  • Orange Soda DIY Bundle

    Orange Soda DIY Bundle

    Brighten up your La Sardina Camera DIY Edition Black with the La Sardina Dress Orange Soda and make your analogue device standout in your every action!

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