Konstruktor Super Kit

The Super Kit lets you capture memories with the Konstruktor 35mm SLR and pairs it with all the best Konstruktor accessories that let you experience the complete analogue lifestyle.

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Grab this complete DIY kit that allows you to build your own fully-working & customizable 35mm SLR camera! Put it together and you’ll be all set to start shooting fantastic analogue film photos. The kit also includes two close-up lenses and a magnifying chimney hood for quick & easy focusing.

Package Includes

  • Konstruktor DIY Kit
  • Konstruktor DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit
  • Konstruktor DIY Close-Up & Macro Lens Kit

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  • Make It Your Own

  • The Konstruktor takes DIY to a whole new level. This camera kit lets you build your very own fully working 35mm plastic SLR camera from scratch.

    Interchangeable Lens

  • The Konstruktor includes a 50mm f/10 lens with shallow depth of field—perfect for portraiture. The camera also boasts a fully interchangeable lens system.

    User-Friendly Chimney Hood Kit

  • Get brighter image-viewing and simpler focusing with the Konstruktor Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit.

    Close-up Lens

  • Take a shot up to just 15cm away with this wonderful close-up lens and see amazing results.

    Macro lens

  • This lens gets you as close to 5cm, bringing you a whole new world of Konstruktor macro photography.

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