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Konstruktor Film Connoisseur Kit

Build your own camera and discover what makes analogue photography tick with this bundle!

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Take your analogue exploration to a whole new level by getting the Konstruktor Experiment Pack. This bundle includes Lomography’s build-it-yourself plastic SLR and different films.

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  • Analogue Assembly:The Konstruktor DIY Kit is the world’s first plastic SLR. This camera package allows you to build your camera from scratch, taking you on a delightful and enlightening journey through the mechanics of film photography. The DIY Kit comes with a screwdriver, instruction manual and stickers for customization.

  • Build Your Accessories:Enrich your Konstruktor experience by building and shooting with its accessories. This bundle comes with the Konstruktor Close-Up & Macro Lens Kit and the Konstruktor Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit.

  • Fantastic Film:Get your hands on Lomography's line of 35mm films and start your snap-shooting adventures! Explore different effects with color negative, color slide, redscale and black and white.

  • Analogue Ammunition:This bundle lets you choose from a variety of Fuji and Kodak films to try out with the Konstruktor.

  • Package Includes
  • Konstruktor DIY Kit
  • Konstruktor DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit
  • Konstruktor DIY Close-Up & Macro Lens Kit
  • 35mm Film of your choice
Color black
"If you loved building model airplanes as a kid, this is one camera kit you’re going to love."

"The pack gives DIY types everything they need to build their own 35mm film SLR."

"As a tribute to the simple DIY cameras of the past, Lomography has crafted the Konstruktor – a contemporary update to the old DIY kits and the world’s very first build-it-yourself 35mm SLR camera."

"Perfect for those interested in learning, understanding and experiencing how analogue photography works"

"Want to know how a film camera works? Not in a “you push this button here” way, but in a nuts and bolts way? If the answer is yes, Lomography’s latest offering the Konstruktor might be right up your street."