Holga Cameras

This iconic lo-fi medium format honcho requires little introduction. The Holga’s plastic charm is sure to steal your heart from your first square prints! The Holga line has grown from its original medium format to also include 35mm and even stereo versions! Whet your appetite with dreamy images from this plastic-lensed wonder today.

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  • Holga 120 Panorama Camera

    Holga 120 Panorama Camera

    Packed with a 90mm lens, capture your most loved scenery, places and events all in panorama!

    US$99.90 US$74.93

    Out of stock

  • Holga 120GFN with Flash

    Holga 120GFN with Flash

    A medium format film camera built with glass lens for crisp and sharp images and a flash to let you capture images in low light conditions.


    Out of stock

  • Holga 35mm Camera with Turret

    Holga 35mm Camera with Turret

    Add different color effects in your images with this edition of Holga camera!

    US$55.90 US$41.93

    Out of stock

  • Holga 135

    Holga 135

    Get all you love about a Holga photograph in 35 mm with this plastic wonder.


    Out of stock

  • Holga CFN 120

    Holga CFN 120

    Get soft focused multi-colored shots like no other with the Holga 120CFN with built-in Colorflash.

    US$75.00 US$56.25

    Out of stock

  • Holga CFN 120 Red

    Holga CFN 120 Red

    Fall in love with the Holga clan's red-clad sweetheart, you'll get the results you know and love with a special look.

    US$79.00 US$59.25

    Out of stock

  • Holga 135 Black Corner Twin Lens Reflex

    Holga 135 Black Corner Twin Lens Reflex

    Combine the pleasure of twin lens reflex shooting with the convenience of 35 mm film with this plastic beauty.

    US$50.00 US$37.50

    Out of stock

  • Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera

    Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera

    Make your own 3D photographs with the medium-format 120 3D Stereo Holga camera.

    US$99.00 US$74.25

    Out of stock

  • Holga 120GN

    Holga 120GN

    Catch a sharper view of the world on film with the Holga 120 GNs glass lens.

    US$49.00 US$36.75

    Out of stock

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