Diana F+ Clone Elite Kit

Want to play with a Diana F+ Clone and all its accompanying accessories? This bundle will let you do just that!

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Get dreamy shots in different formats and perspectives with the Diana F+ Clone Elite Kit. This bundle lets you shoot with your favorite Diana F+ Clone and all its accessories, making sure you have all the tools you need to explore the dreamy side of analogue photography. Shoot with 120, 35mm or instant film and play with various lenses—whatever Diana experiment you have in mind, this bundle has got you covered!

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  • All You Need is Here: The Diana F+ Clone Elite Kit brings together your favorite Diana F+ Clone, the Diana Accessory Kit and the Diana Instant Back+, all for your photographic pleasure. Play with different formats, perspectives and shooting styles—this bundle has all you need for creative expression.

  • Delightful Diana: The Diana F+ is a cult camera packed with new features. Aside from delivering its signature dreamy effect, the Diana F+ also has pinhole and panorama functions. It’s multiple and long exposure capabilities will leave you breathless. Compatible with different Diana+ accessories, the Diana F+ comes in classic blue-and-black tones as well as a multitude of colorful editions.

  • Diana Shots on the Spot: See your Diana shots in a snap with the Diana Instant Back+. Simply slide it onto your camera, lock it in place and start capturing instant photos with the signature Diana dreaminess!

  • Dreamy in 35mm: Add versatility to your Diana shots by using the Diana+ 35mm Back! With four different masks included, get ready for non-stop experimentation!

  • Easy Long Exposures: With the Diana+ Cable Release Collar blurred nighttime shots are a thing of the past.

  • Different Perspectives: With its interchangeable lenses, the Diana F+ gives you more avenues for exploration. Included in this kit are the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana+ 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens, Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle and Close-up Lenses as well as the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens.

  • Split Personality:Looking for a way to spice up your shots? Use the Diana+ Splitzer to slice and dice your frame and expect crazy results!

  • Package Includes
  • Diana F+ camera of your choice
  • Diana Accessory Kit
  • Diana Instant Back