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Diana F+ Clone Deluxe Kit

Get your hands on the Diana F+ and all her accessory kinsmen at one go and get ready for some off the hook analogue experimentation!

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The Diana F+ Clone Deluxe Kit allows you to choose your favorite Diana F+ design and pair it with various accessories for full analogue experimentation!

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  • Amazing Diana Experience: The Diana F+ Clone Deluxe Kit is the ideal package for lovers of this classic medium format camera. Select from a variety of colorful Diana F+ clones and pair your camera with different lenses and other accessories for a truly satisfying snap-shooting adventure.

    Delightful Diana: The Diana F+ is a cult camera packed with new features. Aside from delivering its signature dreamy effect, the Diana F+ also has pinhole and panorama functions. It’s multiple and long exposure capabilities will leave you breathless. Compatible with different Diana+ accessories, the Diana F+ comes in classic blue-and-black tones as well as a multitude of colorful editions.

    Dreamy in 35mm: Add versatility to your Diana shots by using the Diana+ 35mm Back! With four different masks included, get ready for non-stop experimentation!

    Easy Long Exposures: With the Diana+ Cable Release Collar blurred nighttime shots are a thing of the past.

    Different Perspectives: With its interchangeable lenses, the Diana F+ gives you more avenues for exploration. Included in this kit are the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana+ 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens, Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle and Close-up Lenses as well as the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens.

    Split Personality: Looking for a way to spice up your shots? Use the Diana+ Splitzer to slice and dice your frame and expect crazy results!
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