Diana F+ Bundle

Save 10%Diana F+ is now equipped with best-selling items that works best with your Diana F+ cameras. This Diana F+ Camera bundle offers ultimate experience in analogue lifestyle.

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This bundle is packed with selections of best selling items that are compatible with Diana F+ Camera. Together with any choice of accessory added with the Diana F+ camera you’ll surely experience and enjoy analogue lifestyle at its best!

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  • Pinhole Function: Unscrew the lens and experiment with pinhole photos for a completely new shooting experience.

    Two Image Sizes Available: 12 full-frame square shots (5.2 x 5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images - (4.2 x 4.2cm).

    Choose from two Shutter-Speeds: "N" for normal (daytime/flash) or Bulb for long exposures (indoor/nighttime).