Wide-Eyed Wanderer Kit

Give your travel photos an edge and capture the whole scenery in just one frame with this bundle.

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Standard frames are cool, but wide-angle shots are far more spectacular. Make your travel photos extra impressive with the Wide-Eyed Wanderer Kit. Get your hands on Lomography’s selection of wide-angle cameras and 35mm films, pack them all inside a heavy-duty canvas bag and choose your next destination via the city guides and you’re all set for a wild analogue escapade.

  • Welcome to the Wide World:The Wide-Eyed Wanderer Kit aims to let you see the world with new eyes. Equipping you with a wide-angle camera of your choice, 35mm films, a bag to pack all your things in, and a city guide to direct you to your next destination, this bundle allows you to experience travel the analogue way.

  • Single-Frame Sensation:Don’t you want to capture the entire world’s beauty in one frame? This is super easy with wide-angle cameras! Whether you shoot with the compact La Sardina, the panoramic Sprocket Rocket or the super-wide Spinner 360°, your sightseeing experiences will be more unforgettable when taken with these cameras.

  • Fantastic Film:Get your hands on Lomography's line of 35mm films and start your snap-shooting adventures! Explore different effects with color negative, color slide, redscale and black and white. Each pack contains 3 rolls of film.

  • Cool Carry-all:Packrat Bags have enough room for all your stuff and more. These heavy-duty cotton canvas bags will fit your camera, films, and everyday essentials. Emblazoned in different analogue-inspired designs, these bags promise to keep your things safe for years to come.

  • See the World the Lomo Way:The Lomography City Guides are not your ordinary travel manual. These photo guides are compiled by Lomographers for Lomographers. Filled with stunning images and insider information on secret hangouts and hidden wonders, these books will definitely give you a unique travel experience.

  • Package Includes
  • La Sardina Camera or Sprocket Rocket or Spinner 360
  • Lomography City Guide of your choice
  • Lomography Film of your choice
  • Packrat Bag of your choice