Nightshot Kits

Be the ultimate creature of the night. The line of Night-friendly cameras and bundles allow you more flexibility by adding powerful flashes, cable release threads and more. Capture amazing subjects even after dark.

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  • Diana Mini Flash Bundle

    Diana Mini Flash Bundle

    Save 10% Ready to dive into the world of Lomography? This Bundle will provide you with all that you need: a Diana Mini, a Diana flash, a flash adaptor and you're ready good to go!

    As low as : US$96.89

  • La Sardina Starter Pack

    La Sardina Starter Pack

    Bring out your wild side and shoot striking photos with the La Sardina Starter Pack! Save upto 10%

    As low as : US$73.56

  • LC-Wide Flash Bundle

    LC-Wide Flash Bundle

    Save 15% and choose from a number of flashes on offer and find the best companion for your Lomo LC-Wide with the LC-Wide Flash Bundle!

    As low as : US$430.36

  • Sprocket Rocket Flash Bundle

    Sprocket Rocket Flash Bundle

    Save 20% Explore panorama possibilities with the with the Sprocket Rocket Flash Bundle!

    As low as : US$115.67

  • La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack

    La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack

    The La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack allows you to take dynamic, wide-angled flash-infused photos on the go!

    As low as : US$96.80

  • 110 Flash Bundle

    110 Flash Bundle

    Save 10% Light up your photos with this bundle! This package includes a camera, film, flash and flash adaptor to make shooting ultra-convenient.

    As low as : US$136.12

  • Belair Flash Bundle

    Belair Flash Bundle

    Never worry about low light conditions again when you attach a flash to your Belair camera! Save 20% with this kit!

    As low as : US$292.91

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