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La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle

Can’t decide which of the La Sardina Dresses to choose? The La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle lets you take home all four designs, along with other cool accessories!

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Change your La Sardina’s look as often as you want with the La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle. This full package comes with the La Sardina DIY Edition, all four La Sardina Dresses, your choice of Lomography 35mm film, a Packrat Bag and the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit.

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  • Strut Your Stuff: If you can’t decide which La Sardina Dress to choose, the La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle is for you. With this package you can change up your camera’s look as often as you’d like as it comes with all 4 vibrant designs. You can also shoot with your favorite Lomography film pack, keep your stash safe inside the Packrat Bag and use your flash with other cameras with the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit.

    Make It Your Own: The La Sardina DIY Edition allows you to unleash your creativity! This wide-angle camera comes with a special white surface which allows you to draw, write, paint or glue anything on it! It also comes with a little screwdriver to help you customize even the nooks and crannies of your camera!

    Fashion Sensation: Whether you like bright colors or cool patterns, there is a La Sardina Dress to match your every whim. With this accessory, you can change the look of your La Sardina DIY camera in a few simple steps.

    Fantastic Film: Get your hands on Lomography's line of 35mm films and start your snap-shooting adventures! Explore different effects with color negative, color slide, redscale and black and white. Each pack contains 3 rolls of film.

    Cool Carry-All: The Lomography Packrat Bag has enough room to store your analogue goodies and all your essentials. This bundle lets you choose from different colors and designs.

    Flexi-Flash: With the Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Kit, you can enjoy the power of Lomography's strongest flash with any camera that has a tripod thread and hot-shoe adaptor.

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