DIY Bundles

Do-It-Yourself Bundles let you choose analogue goodies best suited for you. Take a pick from different cameras, films and accessories and start your own photographic adventure!

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  • 110 Flash Bundle

    110 Flash Bundle

    Light up your photos with this bundle! This package includes a camera, film, flash and flash adaptor to make shooting ultra-convenient.

    As low as : US$100.62

  • Party Like a VIP Bundle

    Party Like a VIP Bundle

    Be the brightest star among a sea of analogue personalities with the Party Like a VIP Bundle.

    As low as : US$293.90

  • LC-A+ Starter Pack

    LC-A+ Starter Pack

    With the LC-A+ Starter Pack, Pair the LC-A+ with a 35mm; whatever combo you end up selecting, they're sure to be mindblowing!

    As low as : US$250.00

  • La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle

    La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle

    Can’t decide which of the La Sardina Dresses to choose? The La Sardina Dress Up Delight Bundle lets you take home all four designs, along with other cool accessories!

    From: US$130.80

    To: US$178.78

  • LC-Wide Flash Bundle

    LC-Wide Flash Bundle

    Choose from a number of flashes on offer and find the best companion for your Lomo LC-Wide with the LC-Wide Flash Bundle!

    As low as : US$359.38

  • La Sardina Long Exposures Bundle

    La Sardina Long Exposures Bundle

    Give nighttime or low-light shooting a try with the La Sardina Long exposures bundle!

    As low as : US$117.81

  • Horizon and DigitaLIZA Bundle

    Horizon and DigitaLIZA Bundle

    The Horizon and DigitaLIZA Bundle lets you mix and match your favorite Horizon Camera, Lomography 35mm film and DigitaLIZA 35mm.

    As low as : US$292.90

  • 110 Experiment Kit

    110 Experiment Kit

    With this bundle, you can choose a camera, film and accessories to spice up your 110 shooting experience!

    As low as : US$63.90

  • Colorsplash Starter Pack

    Colorsplash Starter Pack

    Cast your world in bright hues with the Colorsplash Starter Pack! This basic bundle comes with your choice of Colorsplash camera and Lomography 35mm film.

    As low as : US$53.14

  • Diana Mini Flash Bundle

    Diana Mini Flash Bundle

    Ready to dive into the world of Lomography? This Bundle will provide you with all that you need: a Diana Mini, a Diana flash, a flash adaptor and you're ready good to go!

    As low as : US$114.21

  • Konstruktor Film Connoisseur Kit

    Konstruktor Film Connoisseur Kit

    Build your own camera and discover what makes analogue photography tick with this bundle!

    As low as : US$70.85

  • LC-Wide Instant Pack

    LC-Wide Instant Pack

    Get your hands on the LC-Wide Instant Pack and see your shots develop right in front of you with the help of an Instant Film Kit.

    As low as : US$536.90

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