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DIY Bundles

Do-It-Yourself Bundles let you choose analogue goodies best suited for you. Take a pick from different cameras, films and accessories and start your own photographic adventure!

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  • Belair Digitaliza Bundle

    Belair Digitaliza Bundle

    Effortlessly scan your Belair X 6-12 shots with this DigitaLIZA bundle which also comes with a Belair camera and a pack of Lomography 120!

    As low as : US$305.90

  • Lomography Mega DIY Bundle

    Lomography Mega DIY Bundle

    Shooting analogue is as simple as 1-2-3 with this bundle. Choose a camera, a film pack and an accessory and save 20% on the whole package!

    As low as : US$39.28

  • LC-A+ Elite Kit

    LC-A+ Elite Kit

    The LC-A+ Elite Kit takes you one step closer to shots you've always dreamed of taking! Experiment with different accessories.

    As low as : US$345.42

  • La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle

    La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle

    Unleash your creative side with the La Sardina Style Savvy Bundle. Shoot 35mm wide-angle photos with your glammed-up La Sardina DIY and keep them all safe inside the Packrat Bag.

    From: US$145.49

    To: US$168.88

  • LC-Wide Elite Kit

    LC-Wide Elite Kit

    The LC-Wide Elite Kit gathers all the accessories you would ever need for your Lomo LC-Wide.

    As low as : US$422.90

  • La Sardina Metal Edition Long Exposures Bundle

    La Sardina Metal Edition Long Exposures Bundle

    Experiment with nighttime and low-light shots with the La Sardina Metal Edition Long Exposures Bundle!

    As low as : US$225.81

  • SuperSampler Starter Pack

    SuperSampler Starter Pack

    The SuperSampler Starter Pack lets you shoot with the queen of all multi-lensed cameras and your choice of 35mm film!

    As low as : US$63.90

  • 110 Digitaliza Bundle

    110 Digitaliza Bundle

    This bundle makes scanning and sharing your 110 photos super easy and convenient!

    As low as : US$81.80

  • Party Paparazzi Bundle

    Party Paparazzi Bundle

    Capture the best scenes of the night with the Party Paparazzi Bundle! This kit contains all the tools you need to get all the action on film.

    As low as : US$175.86

  • LC-A+ Instant Kit

    LC-A+ Instant Kit

    With the LC-A+ Instant Kit, pair your chosen Lomo LC-A+ camera with the LC-A+ Instant Back and marvel at its instant results!

    As low as : US$267.90

  • La Sardina Basic Dress Bundle

    La Sardina Basic Dress Bundle

    Spruce up the La Sardina DIY Edition with any of the vibrant La Sardina Dresses! This bundle also comes with a pack of Lomography 35mm of your choice.

    From: US$129.80

    To: US$140.80

  • LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit

    LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit

    Get the LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit and explore the depths of the sea with your wide-angle camera companion and the LC-A+ Krab!

  • La Sardina Starter Pack

    La Sardina Starter Pack

    Bring out your wild side and shoot striking photos with the La Sardina Starter Pack!

    As low as : US$61.11

  • Horizon Starter Pack

    Horizon Starter Pack

    The Horizon Starter Pack allows you to begin your panoramic journey, together with fine Lomography 35mm film.

    As low as : US$257.90

  • 110 Starter Pack

    110 Starter Pack

    Still testing the waters for shooting in the 110 format? Get started with this beginner-level bundle!

    From: US$56.90

    To: US$94.90

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