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Camera Deals and Bundles

Want to save on cash? Browse our selection of special camera bundles and deals! Whether you’re an analogue newbie or want to complete the set like a pro, there are amazing deals & bundles just for you!

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  • Printer Starter Pack

    Printer Starter Pack

    Get into the instant sharing craze and turn your smartphone memories into instant snaps with this bundle.

    As low as : US$227.90

  • Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter Back to Back Bundle

    Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter Back to Back Bundle

    Explore both 120 and 35mm formats and even instant photography with your Belair camera. Shoot with no limits and execute your creative ideas with this Belair Back to Back Bundle!

  • Instant Experiment Pack

    Instant Experiment Pack

    Explore different photo formats and share your images in a snap with this film and accessory bundle.

    As low as : US$295.80

  • Belair X 6-12 City Slicker & 35mm Back

    Belair X 6-12 City Slicker & 35mm Back

    Multi Format Fun! Belair Camera and 35mm Back for a special price!

  • Konstruktor Super Kit

    Konstruktor Super Kit

    Capture memories with the Konstruktor 35mm SLR camera paired with the best Konstruktor accessories that will let you experience complete analogue lifestyle.

  • Experimental Baby Bundle

    Experimental Baby Bundle

    With this bundle, you can get truly analogue photos with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit and 110 film!

    From: US$96.90

    To: US$108.90

  • Konstruktor Collector’s Gift Bundle

    Konstruktor Collector’s Gift Bundle

    With this bundle you get to shoot with Lomography’s DIY SLR and have the special transparent edition to display at home.

  • LC-A+ Starter Pack

    LC-A+ Starter Pack

    With the LC-A+ Starter Pack, Pair the LC-A+ with a 35mm; whatever combo you end up selecting, they're sure to be mindblowing!

    As low as : US$250.00

  • LC-A Bundle

    LC-A Bundle

    LC-A cameras are now equipped with best-selling items that works best with your LC-A camera choice. This LC-A Camera bundle can offer ultimate experience in analogue lifestyle.

    From: US$223.21

    To: US$1,477.54

  • LC-A+ Elite Kit

    LC-A+ Elite Kit

    The LC-A+ Elite Kit takes you one step closer to shots you've always dreamed of taking! Experiment with different accessories.

    As low as : US$345.42

  • LC-A+ Instant Kit

    LC-A+ Instant Kit

    With the LC-A+ Instant Kit, pair your chosen Lomo LC-A+ camera with the LC-A+ Instant Back and marvel at its instant results!

    As low as : US$250.00

  • LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

    LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

    The LC-A+ Deluxe Kit takes you one step closer to the shots you've always dreamed of taking - pick your flash and accessory of choice!

    As low as : US$286.07

  • LC-Wide Starter Pack

    LC-Wide Starter Pack

    With the LC-Wide Starter Pack, you can pick a Lomography 35mm film of choice and start shooting breathtaking wide-angle photos!

    As low as : US$397.90

  • LC-Wide Elite Kit

    LC-Wide Elite Kit

    The LC-Wide Elite Kit gathers all the accessories you would ever need for your Lomo LC-Wide.

    As low as : US$422.90

  • LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit

    LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit

    Get the LC-Wide Deep Sea Diver Kit and explore the depths of the sea with your wide-angle camera companion and the LC-A+ Krab!

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