Belair Instant Camera

Want more ways to shoot with the Belair? Take this camera out for a ride, load it with Fuji Instax Wide film and see your images in a snap.

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The Belair Instant Camera is the ideal partner for shooting on the road because of its versatility and amazing list of features: automatic exposure, long and multiple exposure capability, hot-shoe flash compatibility and interchangeable lenses. Imagine exploring all these features and seeing the results at once. That’s now possible with the Belair Instant Camera! Load it up with Fuji Instax Wide film and you're ready to go!

Cable Release Connection No
Aperture No
Color silver
Film Advance Knob
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance 1m - infinity
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter Yes
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder