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Belair Bundles

Choose a Belair Bundle, and get the chance to experiment with your automatic medium format snapper and a range of films and accessories while saving cash!

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  • Belair Bundle

    Belair Bundle

    Save 20% or more Belair cameras are now equipped with the best-selling items that works best with your Belair camera. This Belair camera bundle offers ultimate experience in analogue lifestyle.

    From: US$317.61

    To: US$568.14

  • Belair Digitaliza Bundle

    Belair Digitaliza Bundle

    Save 20% or more
    Effortlessly scan your Belair X 6-12 shots with this DigitaLIZA bundle which also comes with a Belair camera and a pack of Lomography 120!

    As low as : US$297.51

  • Belair Flash Bundle

    Belair Flash Bundle

    Never worry about low light conditions again when you attach a flash to your Belair camera! Save 20% with this kit!

    As low as : US$292.91

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