Fisheye Baby 110 Basic

Shoot fantastic 110 film circular shots with this tiny camera!

Dive into the world of 110 photography with the Fisheye Baby 110 Basic! This miniature version of the Fisheye No. 2 packs a 170-degree lens, bulb setting, multiple exposure capability and can easily fit in your pocket. Explore fun fisheye possibilities with this cute, tiny camera!

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  • Rule #1: Now there's no excuse not to take a camera everywhere you go. The Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition is teeny-tiny it can fit in a small bag, slide in your pocket or be worn as a pendant!

  • Point and Shoot: The Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition is very easy to use, perfect for people who are new to analogue photography. This camera has limited controls, letting you enjoy simple snap-shooting.

  • See the World in Circles: The Fisheye Baby 110 Gold Edition captures the same 170-degree circular images on a rectangular picture.

  • Easy Multiple and Long Exposures: This little camera allows for full photographic experimentation!

  • Uses 110 Film: Lomography has brought this format back from the dead. Load your Fisheye Baby 110 with our fresh Lomography 110 films.

  • Package Includes
  • Fisheye Baby 110 (Basic)

Cable Release Connection No
Available Apertures fixed f8
Shutter Speed 1/100 (N) , Bulb (B)
Color Multicolored
Film Advance Winder
Flash connection None
Focusing Fixed Focus
Focusing Distance No
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder

It's impressively tiny, and the circular fisheye lens can be a lot of fun. Its images are very soft and dreamy, so look elsewhere if you crave clinical sharpness.

The Lomography Fisheye Baby 100 looks like a cheap, fun snapper, although the cost of getting the 110 film processed might take the fun out of it somewhat.