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Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens

The Diana Baby 110 12mm lens takes in all the details for that perfect wide-angled 110 snapshot!

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Maybe later? No problem!

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The Diana Baby 110 camera might be tiny, but it can give you amazing wide-angle photos! Simply attach the Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens to your tiny snapper and get ready to be blown away!

Read more on this site: Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens

  • Wide-angle Attachment: The Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens will give you wide-angle square photos that will make you go wow.
  • Lens Protection: The 12mm Lens come with a lens cap for protection when not in use.
  • Compact Companion: Pair this accessory with the Diana Baby 110 camera and expect endless small-scale fun!
Camera Family No
Color white
Material No