Accessory Safari Bundle

This bundle makes snap-shooting on your holiday easier with a few analogue add-ons.

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Accessories sometimes make or break a shot. Don’t get caught unprepared and always be ready with the right camera add-ons with the Accessory Safari Bundle. Whether you are shooting in low-light, juggling multiple cameras or simply need a strap, this accessory package has what you need.

  • Accessory Must-Haves: Whether you are in the process of planning your trip or are already in the middle of your journey, these awesome accessories will make sure you have all the analogue support you need to make your holiday truly memorable.

    Make It Glow: Attach a flash to your favorite camera and expect perfectly illuminated shots. Explore different effects with the Colorsplash Flash, Diana F+ Flash, Ringflash, or Fritz the Blitz.

    Scan Away: Want to make your film photos easily shareable? Scan them with the Smartphone Scanner or the DigitaLIZA and let your friends see your shots in a few simple steps!

    Camera Support: Don’t let your camera wander out of your sight! With this selection of hand- and neck straps, you’ll be sure your camera is safe and within reach.

    Flexible Flash: Pair the powerful Fritz the Blitz Flash with different types of cameras with Fritz the Blitz Adaptors.