Zkin Camera Strap - Ladon (citrus orange)

A very durable and stylish camera strap made of leather, strong enough to secure your cameras!

Need anything else?

Add some character to your camera straps with this very durable and stylish camera strap to perk up your style and confidently strap your camera with the Zkin citrus orange camera strap!

  • Camera Strap: ideal for mid-size prosumer or micro 4/3 interchangeable lens camera!

  • Citrus Orange shade: Be fashionable even with your camera strap get this leather strap with a shade of citrus orange!

  • Leather quality: strap is made of good quality leather to secure your camera in place while you hang them in your shoulders or neck!

  • Well seamed with authentic leather

  • Reduce pressure materials

  • fine line accessories are suitable for a range of brands and styles

    Mid-size prosumer / micro 4/3 interchangeable lens camera

    44.9 l x 0.24 w in / 114 x 0.6 cm

    0.03 kg (33g)


Camera Family No
Color orange
Material leather