La Sardina Dress Mod Squad

The La Sardina Dress Mod Squad will perfectly express your love for classic colors and patterns.

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Maybe later? No problem!

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Try something new with your La Sardina DIY and make it stand out! With the La Sardina Dress Mod Squad, you can enjoy both the understated elegance of black and white and the boldness of a geometric pattern.

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  • Timeless Appeal:
    The La Sardina Dress Mod Squad combines elegant black and white with a daring geometric pattern.

    Easy as 1-2-3:
    Glamming up your La Sardina DIY with the La Sardina Dress is super easy. You will be able to revamp your camera’s look in a few simple steps.

    Fashion Forward:
    The La Sardina Dress is perfect for stylish analogue lovers who want their cameras to match their moods and personalities.

    Design for Everyone:
    With a variety of colors and patterns available, you will find a La Sardina Dress to suit you.
Camera Family No
Color black
Material plastic