Konstruktor DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit

Use this DIY magnifying Chimney Hood Kit for brighter, magnified image-viewing and quick focusing using your Konstruktor Camera.

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Focusing with your Konstruktor 35mm SLR Camera is now easier than ever! The DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit gives you brighter, magnified image-viewing, and quick focusing.

Package Includes

  • Konstruktor DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit

  • User Friendly Kit

  • Get brighter image-viewing and simpler focusing with the Konstruktor Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit.

    Konstruktor Compatible

  • The Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit is fully compatible with any Konstruktor 35mm SLR camera system.

    Flexible Dioptre

  • Easily adjust your dioptre anytime and anywhere.

Camera Family No
Color black
Material plastic