Iblazr LED Flash Premium

A flash made of durable aluminium, small and very functional 4 high-power LED flash will let you shoot in any light condition. Use it with analogue cameras or even on your smartphone!

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Maybe later? No problem!

A light and functional accessory from Iblazr is here to brighten up your shots using your smartphones or even your cameras. This small flash has 4 high-power LEDs and 70 degrees optics. Use this flash with your camera using the cold-shoe mount thanks to the continuous light and 3 different brightness settings! This premium edition is made of aluminium built to fit any adventure! Please Note: Discounts and Piggies are not applicable for this item

  • Size
    Dimension: 27mm (1 in)
    Width: 32mm (1.25 in)
    Depth: 9mm (0.35in)
    Weight: 14 grams

    Cold Shoe Mount
    This mount makes Iblazr compatible with DSLRs and any camera, analogue and digital, with hot/cold shoe mount.
    Compatible with Canon EOS and PowerShot series, Nikon D series, Sony NEX and RX series, Samsung NX and cameras with hot/cold-shoe flash mount.

    Has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Can charge via USB to computer or power adapter
    100 mah (up to 500 flashes)

    70 degree beam, 5600 k color temperature >80 CRI

    Light Paint
    Start manoeuvring lights and paint them all the way in your shots! With the help of an extra cable to attach in your Iblazr flash you can create more creative pics!

    Flash Mode
    Navigate the flash using the downloadable app for smartphones

    Continuous Light Mode
    Choose from 3 brightness settings that fits the quality of light you desire. Light modes works on all cameras and even without connection

    Do not insert any 3.5mm connector into the flexible Iblazr Charger
    Aluminum Made
    Aluminum is more thermally conductive than plastics, which make it more durable, stronger and powerful.

    In the box
  • LED flash
  • Diffuser
  • Cold-shoe mount
  • Charger (USB-3.5mm jack charger)
  • Carrying pouch

Camera Family No
Color silver
Material aluminium