Holga Filter Set

Attach a piece from the Holga Filter Set and wait for all kinds of photos with wacky effects and treatments to develop!

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The Holga Filter Set opens an onslaught of creative possibilities with your image output. First off, the Soft Surround filters blue, red, orange and grey create a sharp center-focus hole in the middle of a blurry coloured image from the filter you select. Next, solid colour filters blue, red, yellow, orange heighten the drama of your b&w images or tint your colour shots. Finally, Split-image filters give off those crazily beautiful kaleidoscope-like images. It's time to add a new arsenal to your already feature-laden Holga!

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  • Soft Surround Filters (x4)
    Color Filter Set (x4)
    Split Image Filters (x3)
    Filter mount fits on all Holga lenses
Camera Family No
Color black
Material plastic
Useful for View Changer