It’s time to toss away your ratty old t-shirt in favor of these ultra-soft, comfortable t-shirts and tank tops. Think of the Lomography Apparel offerings as your second skin! It’s the perfect companion for fans of the film photography movement. Clothing doesn’t get more analogue than this!

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  • Lomography Anniversary Shirt

    Lomography Anniversary Shirt

    Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary T-Shirt is made from environment-friendly Egyptian cotton. Perfect for analogue adventures.

  • Lomography Trigger Fingers T-Shirt

    Lomography Trigger Fingers T-Shirt

    Slim, modern cut Lomography Trigger Fingers T-Shirt is made from durable Egyptian cotton. Rock your analogue passion today!

  • Lomography Mr. T-Shirt

    Lomography Mr. T-Shirt

    The black 'Mr. T-Shirt' is a slim, modern cut tee made from durable organic Egyptian cotton. Whether you rock a Lomo LC-A or a Diana Mini, this is the perfect T-shirt to be wearing during all your hipshot activities. Rock your analogue passion for everyone to see with this environmentally friendly Lomography tee.

  • Lomography Medal Women's T-Shirt

    Lomography Medal Women's T-Shirt

    The Lomography Medal T-Shirt has a beautiful Lomo logo print and comes with Lomography Shutter Buttons too for extra analogue love!

  • Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Women's T-Shirt

    Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Women's T-Shirt

    To commemorate 25 years of the Lomo LC-A, we've come up with this fabulous Lomography LC-A 35th Anniversary T-Shirt. Wear your love for analogue on your sleeve!

  • Lomography Trigger Fingers Women's Shirt

    Lomography Trigger Fingers Women's Shirt

    The beautifully designed and environmentally friendly Lomography Trigger Fingers T-shirt is a loving ode to the enigmatic Russian classic, the LOMO LC-A+!

  • Lomography Ms. Tank Top Purple

    Lomography Ms. Tank Top Purple

    Proclaim your Lomography love to the world with the ultra-comfortable and super-stylish plum colored Lomography Ms. slim fit tank top!

  • Lomography Ms. Tank Top Grey

    Lomography Ms. Tank Top Grey

    Add a flair of analogue to your wardrobe with this modern-cut Lomography Ms. Tank Top in Grey.

  • Lomography Diana World Tour

    Lomography Diana World Tour

    The Diana World Tour Tank Top commemorates the epic world tour in a stunning black and white ensemble, so you can walk, talk, and feel like an analogue Queen!


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