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Darkroom Equipment

Are you planning on developing your own films at home? Worry no more, because the Lomography Online Shop now has a wide selection of darkroom equipment to make your home development experience easier!

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  • Ilford Rapid Fixer

    Ilford Rapid Fixer

    Quick! What's fast, hypoallergenic and an excellent photo chemical fixer? Use the Ilford Rapid Fixer liquid concentrate for all your black and white films.

  • Backpacker Tripod

    Backpacker Tripod

    This is going to be your trusted friend when taking those long exposures and beautiful portraits!

  • Paterson Universal Storage Tank

    Paterson Universal Storage Tank

    Are you on a quest to develop your own films? The Paterson Universal Storage Tank has the capacity to fit both 35mm and 120 films!

  • LED Light

    LED Light

    This reliable LED light shines 3 times brighter and lasts 3 times longer than standard lights.

  • Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml

    Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml

    Nothing but the best for your darkroom sessions, use the Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml for all your measuring needs!

  • Microfiber Cloth Display (30 Pieces)

    Microfiber Cloth Display (30 Pieces)

    This Microfiber Cloth Display comes in 30 pieces of super soft, and ultra-fine microfibers that are amazingly absorbent!

  • Paterson Film Clip Set

    Paterson Film Clip Set

    The Paterson Film Clip Set is a staple for every darkroom master or novice and is used to hang freshly developed films.

  • Film Retriever

    Film Retriever

    Accidentally rewound your film all the way inside it's cassette? Use this Film Retriever to save the day!!

  • Clipper II Roll Film Tank

    Clipper II Roll Film Tank

    Setting up your own darkroom? The Clipper II Roll Film Tank develops all rolls of films from 110 to 220. It even comes with a built-in thermometer!

  • Ilford Ilfostop 500ml Stop Bath

    Ilford Ilfostop 500ml Stop Bath

    Need to stop the development process immediately? Use the Ilford Ilfostop 500ml Stop Bath to save the day!

  • Paterson Adjustable Developing Reel

    Paterson Adjustable Developing Reel

    The Paterson Adjustable Developing Reel is the real deal! Experience effortless auto-loading as you prep your films for developing.

  • Paterson Funnel

    Paterson Funnel

    Safely transfer your photo chemicals with the Paterson Funnel. Its indestructable material makes it even more appealing and should stand the test of time.

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