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Are you planning on developing your own films at home? Worry no more, because the Lomography Online Shop now has a wide selection of darkroom equipment to make your home development experience easier!

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  • Lumi Shadow Printing kit

    Lumi Shadow Printing kit

    Cast any shadow and start making beautiful prints for your shirts or any textile.

  • Lumi Snap Packs

    Lumi Snap Packs

    Snap packs are here to print your designs in small quantities and various colors!

  • Lumi Photo Printing Kit

    Lumi Photo Printing Kit

    Print your own designs to your own shirts without costly screen-printing equipment!

  • Lumi Inkocap Roller

    Lumi Inkocap Roller

    Spread your inks evenly with this roller and re-use with other bottles too!

  • Lumi Inkowash Sachet

    Lumi Inkowash Sachet

    A special solution to wash off unexposed Inkodye and clean unwanted ink spills.

  • Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit

    Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit

    Create images in deep blue shades using this pinhole type camera

  • Changing Bag (27 x 30 inches)

    Changing Bag (27 x 30 inches)

    Need some protection from the sun and light? Check out thisChanging Bag 27 x 30 inches for your own portable mini darkroom! It's totally lightproof.

  • Microfiber Cloth

    Microfiber Cloth

    This microfiber cloth is super absorbent - helping to remove moisture, smudges and oil from lenses, filters, LCD’s and viewfinders.

  • Stretch Nylon Gloves

    Stretch Nylon Gloves

    Protect your hands from chemical solutions while processing films.

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