Darkroom Equipment

Are you planning on developing your own films at home? Worry no more, because the Lomography Online Shop now has a wide selection of darkroom equipment to make your home development experience easier!

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  • Paterson Measuring Graduate 150ml

    Paterson Measuring Graduate 150ml

    Nothing but the best for your darkroom sessions, use the Paterson Measuring Graduate 150ml for all your measuring needs!

  • Yankee Sponge Squeegee

    Yankee Sponge Squeegee

    Let this rugged Yankee Sponge Squeegee do all the dirty work for you for all your darkroom exploits!

  • Cable Release 40"

    Cable Release 40"

    You can be 40 inches away from your camera and still take a photo with this Cable Release 40'!

  • Anti Static Gloves

    Anti Static Gloves

    Use these amazing lint-free Anti-Static Gloves for developing your own photographic film.

  • Ilford Rapid Fixer

    Ilford Rapid Fixer

    Quick! What's fast, hypoallergenic and an excellent photo chemical fixer? Use the Ilford Rapid Fixer liquid concentrate for all your black and white films.

  • Paterson Universal Storage Tank

    Paterson Universal Storage Tank

    Are you on a quest to develop your own films? The Paterson Universal Storage Tank has the capacity to fit both 35mm and 120 films!

  • Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml

    Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml

    Nothing but the best for your darkroom sessions, use the Paterson Measuring Graduate 300ml for all your measuring needs!

  • Microfiber Cloth Display (30 Pieces)

    Microfiber Cloth Display (30 Pieces)

    This Microfiber Cloth Display comes in 30 pieces of super soft, and ultra-fine microfibers that are amazingly absorbent!

  • DLC Film Cassette Opener

    DLC Film Cassette Opener

    The trusty DLC Film Cassette Opener is an expert at prying open your 35mm cassettes without any damage!

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