Cases & Straps

A case keeps your cameras safe and protected, and also leaves shooting from the hip as convenient as it should be. Add a fancy strap so you won’t have to think about dropping your camera anymore! There’s a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

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  • Shoulder Bag - Champ (navy grey)

    Shoulder Bag - Champ (navy grey)

    Secure your laptop, DSLR and lenses away from water splashes, dust and dirt. Plus, pack your personal gear with no awkward bumps in your bag.


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  • Midnight Flamingo Black Bundle

    Midnight Flamingo Black Bundle

    Customize your Black La Sardina camera with these colorful dresses that matches your tastes and personality!


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  • Diana Flash Case Peacock Blue

    Diana Flash Case Peacock Blue

    The lightweight yet sturdy Diana Flash Bag Peacock Blue keeps your precious Diana Flash safe and protected while you're on the go!


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  • La Sardina Dress Birds of Paradise

    La Sardina Dress Birds of Paradise

    Go wild with bold colors and tropical print with the La Sardina Dress Birds of Paradise.


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  • Petzval Art Lens Cotton Bag

    Petzval Art Lens Cotton Bag

    Pack up your stuff and join the Lomography community in commemorating the reinvention of the legendary Petzval lens!


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  • Diana Mini Case Black

    Diana Mini Case Black

    Toss away your old pouch! Protect your precious Diana Mini Camera with the trusty and cute Diana Mini Case Black.


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