Fisheye Submarine

Dive up to 20m (65feet) underwater with your Fisheye in its own submarine!

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The Fisheye Submarine is your sturdy, reliable partner for your underwater adventures with the Fisheye camera. Go deep as 20 meters and snap up photos without the hassle!

  • Crystal Clear Photography Made of polycarbonate lens ideal for all-weather and extreme sports use.

  • Flexible Fisheye Buddy
  • compatible with FIsheye 1 or FIsheye 2 cameras, The case allows you to easily manage your camera's shutter button and flash. This accessory is usable in both salt water and fresh water.

  • Under-pressure performance, this accessory is safe to use for itself and the camera inside (not included in the package) up to a depth of 65 ft or 19 meters

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Color red
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