Lomography City Guides

Take your analogue excursions further with Lomography City Guides! Get your hands on one of these guides and be a slick analogue explorer made by Lomographers, for Lomographers. These guides are filled with wonderful insights and smothered with amazing photos that take you on a trip you won’t forget!

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  • Lomography City Guide Vienna

    Lomography City Guide Vienna

    Avoid the usual tourist traps and welcome yourself to the unique city of Vienna! Over 256 pages of 1,400 analogue shots and 244 city tips shared by Vienna-crazed Lomographers, this is both a travel book and a visual inspiration.

  • Lomography City Guide Seoul

    Lomography City Guide Seoul

    This photo book will show you around one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. Discover Seoul’s hidden hangouts with this quirky guide!

  • Lomography City Guide London

    Lomography City Guide London

    Think you know everything about London? Get your hands on the Lomography City Guide London and let Lomographers take you on a tour around this city! Packed with colorful analogue shots and detailed information about secret spots around UK’s capital, this travel guide will make you take another look at London!

  • Lomography City Guide Berlin

    Lomography City Guide Berlin

    With texts in both English and German, the Berlin City Guide will teach you all the secrets about Germany’s wildest city. Bursting with over 300 pages of juicy information, you can read about every hidden corner, café and club in this hip metropolis.

  • Lomography City Guide Hong Kong

    Lomography City Guide Hong Kong

    See Hong Kong with brand new eyes! Flip through 272 pages of 1,500 snapshots by Hong Kong Lomographers and discover how wonderfully dynamic this city is.

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