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Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing

Pick up the Krab Underwater Housing and start shooting brilliant LC-A+ photos up to 20m beneath the water’s surface. It's perfect for all-weather use, too.

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Back in the 1980s, the Soviet Union’s camera industry was in full swing and a small, blocky underwater case was created for the popular Lomo Kompakt Automat camera. Crafted in solid metal, perfectly aligned with the LC-A’s knobs and curves and designed with a distinctively Russian character, this item was never produced beyond the prototype stage and is exceptionally difficult to find. We’ve rebuilt the Lomo LC-A+ Krab from the ground up, giving it stronger seals and a deeper effective depth. This exclusive reproduction of and vast improvement upon the original Soviet-era treasure will take your Lomo LC-A+ 20m (65 feet) beneath the water’s surface for spectacular & other-worldly undersea Lomography!

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