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Sling-On Bag LomoBoy Black

Experience steady water-resistance with this fantastic Sling-On LomoBoy Black! Crafted in soft synthetic leather for a stylish look.

Need anything else?

Experience unfaltering water-resistance with this fantastic LomoBoy Sling-On Tote Bag! Crafted in soft synthetic leather for a comfortable and stylish look.

  • Easy Access - The Sling-On Bag's open top allows quick access to all your belongings. A hanging interior pocket keeps your camera safe and right at hand for those precious Lomographic moments!
  • A Versatile Friend of The Environment - This synthetic tote is also extra-handy for a trip to the corner store, so now you can help rid the planet of plastic bags and look darn good doing it.
    Size: 33 × 41 × 10 cm (13 × 16 × 4”)
Color black
Sex N/A
Material synthetic leather
Size xs