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35mm Film

Experiment with a diverse selection of films just for you! Choose from true-to-life color negatives or moody black & whites. Give slide emulsions a go or try your luck with expired rolls.

Not sure what film you should try first ? To help, we've come up with a range of suggestions. Visit our Film and Developing Guide There are all kinds of Ways to Save on that dream camera, film or accessory. From Piggy Points to Bundles, find out about the different options we have for you at our Ways to Save Site

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  • Revolog 12exp Texture

    Revolog 12exp Texture

    This effect shows a bubble-like structure on your image. The round shapes will almost be invisible in brighter parts of the image but will come through very strongly in darker/underexposed images.

  • Lomography XPro 200 ISO 35mm 3 Pack

    Lomography XPro 200 ISO 35mm 3 Pack

    Get citrus tones in your 35mm photos! The Lomography X-Pro 200 slide film washes your shots with juicy colors and intense saturation.

  • Lomography Redscale XR 50200 35mm 3 Pack

    Lomography Redscale XR 50200 35mm 3 Pack

    The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200’s extended range allows flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

  • Fuji Provia 400X 35mm

    Fuji Provia 400X 35mm

    Buy 5 for €11.50 each and save 4%
    Buy 10 for €10.90 each and save 9%

  • Fuji Superia 200 35mm 3pack Expired

    Fuji Superia 200 35mm 3pack Expired

    Get brilliant photos indoors or outdoors with the Fuji Superia 200. Expect bright colors and sharpness even when film is expired.

  • Fuji Pro 160S 35mm Expired

    Fuji Pro 160S 35mm Expired

    Fantastic dynamic range, bright colors, and smooth grain. This 35mm color negative film gives naturally beautiful photos, even when expired.

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