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La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition Black

This black La Sardina DIY edition serves as the perfect blank canvas for your artistic analogue explorations!

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Want a camera that will let your creativity run wild? The La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition Black is the perfect camera for you! This 35mm snapper is fully customizable—you can write, draw, or paint on it. You can also jazz it up with colorful La Sardina Dresses.

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  • Creative Pursuits: The La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition Black is perfect for your analogue experiments. This 35mm camera shows off your personality not only by the images it creates but also with the way it looks!

  • Blank Canvas: This La Sardina edition aims to unleash the artist inside every Lomographer. You can draw, doodle or design whatever you want on its blank, black surface.

  • Special Tool: This package comes with a little screwdriver to help you take apart the shell of the camera.

  • Fritz the Blitz Flash: This camera comes with Lomography's most powerful flash: Fritz the Blitz. With 3 distance settings and different color filters, you enjoy full control over your flash photography!

  • Mind-blowing Wide-Angle Lens: With an 89° field of view wide-angle lens, the La Sardina loves to take in all the action.

  • Rewind Dial and MX Switch: Multiple exposures have never been this easy!

  • Easy-to-use Focusing: With two simple settings to choose from, focusing with the La Sardina is a breeze even for beginners.

  • Bulb Setting: The La Sardina is perfect for long-exposure experimentation; just switch to Bulb setting and you can hold the shutter open for as long as you'd like!

  • Film Cartridge Window: Just look through the window to remind yourself what film you're shooting.

  • Super Convenient 35mm: Load the La Sardina with any kind of 35mm film you'd like - It's the kind of film you can pick up and develop in your local store.

  • Package Includes
  • La Sardina Camera(DIY Edition Black)
  • Fritz the Blitz Flash
Cable Release Connection Yes
Available Apertures fixed f8
Shutter Speed 1/100 (N) , Bulb (B)
Color black
Film Advance Knob
Flash connection Unique La Sardina Micro Contact
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance No
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Inverse Galileo-Type Built-in View Finder