Diana Mini Flash Bundle

Save 10% Ready to dive into the world of Lomography? This Bundle will provide you with all that you need: a Diana Mini, a Diana flash, a flash adaptor and you're ready good to go!

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Flash Flair: Want to light up your Diana Mini shots? The Diana Mini Flash Bundle lets you mix and match select Diana Mini and Diana F+ Flash models, making sure you have perfectly lit photos every single time.

Plastic Princess: The Diana Mini may be small but it is packed with brilliant features. Delivering the signature dreaminess of a Diana camera in 35mm, this tiny camera also gives you the option to choose between half-frame or square format. A variety of colors and designs are available to suit your every mood.

Flicker Fever: Throw bursts of colorful light to your shots with the Diana F+ Flash. Included in the package are a Diana Flash Hot-shoe Adaptor and 12 interchangeable color gels.

Perfect Fit: Use different flashes with your Diana F+ camera with the help of the Diana+ Flash Adaptor. Simply connect your flash to the hot-shoe, plug the adaptor into your camera and you're ready to shoot!