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Lomo Lubitel 166+

Shoot like an analogue master with this recreation of the classic Russian twin lens medium-format camera.

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The Lubitel 166+ is Lomography's loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. It hosts a set of amazing features such as the capability of switching between 120 and 35mm film and aperture/shutter guides. It offers unlimited creative possibilities deemed to be an analogue masterpiece.

Package Includes

  • Lubitel 166+ Camera
  • Lubitel Book
  • Cable Release
  • Lubikin 35mm kit
  • 1 roll of 120 film

Read more on this site: Lomo Lubitel 166+

    • Sharp-sighted: The glass lens yields crystal-clear photos with outstanding details and remarkable colors
    • Easy focusing: Weather symbols make it easy to choose the appropriate exposure settings
    • Creative genius: Its fully manual controls will allow you to experiment to your heart's content
    • Uses 120 film: Experiment with all kinds of 120 film

Cable Release Connection Yes
Available Apertures f4.5, f5.6, f8, f11, f16, f22
Shutter Speed Manual - 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, Bulb (B)
Focal Length No
Color black
Film Advance Knob
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Ground Glass Focusing
Focusing Distance 0.8m - Infinity
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Twin-lens reflex viewfinder